Past Workshops

Geospatial Semantics and Cartography

Pre-Conference Workshop of the International Cartographic Conference (ICC) 2021. 

ICC 2021 – International Cartographic Conference

A joint event of the Commissions on Geospatial Semantics with those on Spatial Data Infrastructures and Standards, Cognitive Issues in Geographic Information Visualization, and Open Source Geospatial Technologies called "Sharing Cartographic Knowledge" was held in the morning. Topics of discussion focused on multi-lingual cartographic terminology and making cartographic knowledge accessible to software developers.  

Following the joint discussions, the focus of the afternoon workshop were topics of geospatial semantics and ontology. Expert and newly interested specialists came together to exchange ideas from ongoing research and to scope future research issues for the semantics such as of language, cognition, ontology, cartographic design, and programming code. The workshop program included  brief project presentations and group discussions of research directions.


What does it mean to be the same in the geographic space?

Alexandre Sorokine, Research and Development Staff of the GeoAI Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, United States of America. 

Location Index Project: Integration of social, economic and environmental data through location in Australia

Irina Bastrakova,  Principal Advisor on Metadata, Data, and Linked Data at Geoscience Australia in Canberra, Austalia.

The Pragmatic Basis of Maps

Simon Scheider, Assistant Professor in Geographic Information Science at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.


Geospatial Semantics and the Problems of Visualization

Workshop preceding the EuroCarto Conference 2020, Vienna Austria 

Geospatial semantics are important in computational representations of geographical phenomena. Their complexity seems to suggest an ideal arena for using geovisualization to support and improve applications and make underlying logics and expressions more tractable to larger audiences. Yet, there as been little work to date in this area. This workshop brings interested researchers together, facilitates the exchange of ideas from ongoing research and  scopes future research issues. Since relevant concepts behind geographic knowledge representation are rooted in various disciplines, including language, logic, visual analytics, social theory, geospatial analysis, computer science, and the humanities, we are supporting a workshop for the exchanges that opens perspectives for future research.

The ICA Commission on Geospatial Semantics (CGS) invites abstracts for this workshop to be held immediately after GIScience in Poznan and preceding EuroCarto 2020.  The workshop program allows for brief (in pecha kucha format) project presentations, break-out group discussions of research directions and a concluding ranking of research questions by priority. Documentation of the workshop will be available at the CGS website.  Scholars interested in presenting their research or participating in the session as a discussant are invited to submit their abstract or position paper at the web site that will soon be linked to this announcement.

Workshop organizers
  • Francis Harvey, Leibniz-Institute for Regional Geography (
  • Dalia Varanka, U.S. Geological Survey (


AutoCarto 2020 Workshop

The CGS invites abstracts for its first annual workshop on theoretical and applied aspects of geospatial and cartographic ontologies to be held in conjunction with AutoCarto 2020. This half-day workshop will bring together expert and newly interested specialists and technologists to network and advance the broad study of geospatial informatics in geographic information. A range of potential topics are appropriate for the workshop and opportunities will be provided for those interested in the day’s agenda to register an interest or an issue to be included for discussion.

Scholars interested in presenting their research or participating in the session as a discussant are invited to submit their abstract or position paper at the web site linked on the workshop home page.

Workshop Organizers
  • Dalia Varanka, U.S. Geological Survey (
  • Alexander Sorokine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (
  • E. Lynn Usery, U.S. Geological Survey (
  • Francis Harvey, Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde (